I would like to offer the UTHM Staffs & Lecturers; 20 Units of 2 Storey Semi-Detached House + 1 Luxury Unit of 2Storey Bungalow House at Taman Daun Mas, Parit Raja (in construction). Located at Parit Daun, which is behind Balai Polis Parit Raja, Klinik Kesihatan Parit Raja and beside Taman Budiman. No payment will be made to me. All payments are to be made to the Developer.

This is a better oppoturnity to the Staffs & Lecturers, who are searching for a better home in Parit Raja with affordable price. Details are as below:

Specification of Double Storey Semi-Detached House:

Standard Lot @ Land Area: 40′ x 60′ @ 2400 square feet

Build-up Floor Area: 1860 square feet

Rooms: i. 4 Bedrooms ii. 3 Bathrooms

Halls: i. Living Hall
        ii. Family Living Hall
       iii. Dining Hall
       iv. Wet Kitchen
        v. Dry Kitchen

Additional Features:

i. Concrete Fencing
ii. Plastered Ceiling
iii. Floor Tiles (2′ x 2′)

Price: From RM 238,800 to RM 278,800

Specification of Double Storey Bungalow House:

Land Area: 5742 square feet

Rooms: i. 4 Bedrooms
           ii. 1 Library/Reading Room/Home Office
          iii. 1 Utility/Maid Room
          iv. 3 Bathrooms
           v. 1 Water Closet (W/C)

Halls: i. Lobby Area
        ii. Living Hall
       iii. Family Living Hall
       iv. Dining Hall
        v. Wet Kitchen
       vi. Dry Kitchen

Additional Features:

i. Concrete Fencing
ii. Plastered Ceiling
iii. Floor Tiles (2′ x 2′)
iv. Turf Grass
v. Lobby Area & Library/Reading Room/Home Office
vi. Doors & Windows Frames: Metal Frames & Complete with Grills
vii. Additional RM60,000 to RM70,000 to add

Private Swimming Pool

Price: RM 468,800

The project is estimated to be complete at the end of December 2009. Price for early bird, which will end on this month (October 2008). Sales & Purchase Agreement will be made next week (the last week of October 2008) by the Developer (Cempaka Budi Sdn Bhd). This is the last early bird offer. At the moment, there a few units that have been bought by UTHM Staffs & Lecturers. Plus, for your info, this is the only housing development that offers 2 Storey Semi-Ds.

Offering early bird price to the UTHM Staffs & Lecturer only, not to the locals. Market price for a 2 Storey Semi-D is RM 300K and above. Developer is gladly selling it at lower market price because this is the 1st Phase of the project. The 2nd Phase, I assure you, will not get low price like this. Trust me.

Any inquiry about the design and plans, booking or purchasing can be made through me via email 

Pls contact sentinel_undestructable@yahoo.com for more details