MY family and I had to wait for almost six hours when we took my sister to register at the campus of a university in Kuala Lumpur last Sunday.

We expected nothing more than one to two hours to do the registration.

When half the day had gone by only did the university announce that they had some technical problems, which had caused the massive delay.

Many parents had to wait to get their children registered and d get settled in their given dormitory.

They apologised and we accepted their apology.

But surely things could have been done faster and more efficiently. Even then, they did not give specific instructions as to where the dormitories are located. The lack of signboards made it difficult for us to find them. It took me 10 minutes to walk around the campus just to find the toilet.

I urge universities to revamp their registration system to avoid wasting a whole day just to get the children enrolled.


from TheSTAR