Yeah… English is useful right?
Have you being a gangster?
Have you being a “skema badut”?

Ok. I”ll give you an example.

Let say that you are gangster.

You are on your way to go home with your gangs. Suddenly, you saw someone (Malay boy) reading an English paper.

You said, “Baca surat khabar orang putihh… kita dok Malaysia, kena la cakap Melayu” and he just avoid your stupid action. And because of that, you slap his shoulder because there is no any response from that skema boy.

Suddenly, one foreigner came to you and ask, “Can you please tell me the nearest stop to the national monument?”.

You don’t even know what does it means by “National Monument”. Is it “rumah makcik Maimon?”

You still want to answer that question because; you are “great” right? Haha… and you said,”you straight, and don’t belok2… straight je…ok yes no thank you all right. Come again later.”.

Of course she don’t get anything from your stupid dialog. Suddenly…

“Miss…I can help you… three stops away, after you get down, you follow the signboard”

And then, after that woman said “thank you” to that skema boy, she leaves you and your gangs.

And that skema boy “sound direct” to you:

“Tu la korang… national monument pon tak tau… Tugu Negara la… tu la orang suruh belajar taknak… kalau korang baca ***, senang dapat kerja”, at the same time, he give you that thingslah.

And the question is…

What will you do if you are the gangster?
A: You take the paper, and cover your face from others?
B: You take the paper and “hentak” that “skema” boy because of “sound direct”?

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